January 10 - 17th 2025  Dominican Republic |  $1297 per person
($997 Earlybird until Aug 31st 2024)
Are you looking to homeschool, worldschool or have an interest in independent, progressive education?
Join us for an introductory immersive experience into Human Hive Education, and discover a better way of 'doing' learning. 
Do you feel mainstream education isn't working for you?
Are you looking for a more flexible and creative approach?
Do you find that traditional teaching methods and learner engagement don't match?
Are you increasingly saying, 'there has to be a better way'?
We did, too.
Which is why we designed, built and developed our Human Hive Learning Methodology and created Human Hive Education; education that can be set up and successfully delivered in any environment, at any level, and which supports learners to feel empowered and fully engaged in the education experience. 
We want to share our way of 'doing' education, so that you can be the difference you're looking for. Our immersive Introduction to Human Hive Education at The Hive, Cabrera, will set you firmly on the way!
A foundation-building introduction and immersive experience.
We offer an immersive training programme that provides an introduction to the foundations and methodology of our education model for learning, and provides you the opportunity to fully experience a more child-centred approach at The Hive, Cabrera. 
Over six days, you'll:
Learn the framework
Get the tools
Make the connections
to get you started as a Human Hive Educator
Benefits of the Programme
Learn the fundamentals of the Human Hive self-regulated learning methodology.
Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience that you can put to use in your own context, and in any habitat.
Experience the Human Hive Education model in practice with The Hive team on location.
Talk directly to Hive educators parents and students about their own experiences of progressive learning and Human Hive Education.
Meet like-minded people, connect into a global network and become part of our active, growing community of pioneers, cross pollinators and change makers.
Outcomes of the Programme
Become a certified Human Hive Educator with the potential to teach at The Hive, Cabrera. 
Discover opportunities to expand your experience and create change in diverse communities around the world.
Get lifetime access to our online community of change-makers.
"This is more than a training programme. 
It's a process for those that want to go deeper into
themselves and push the boundaries of what their work can achieve. I would recommend it to all who work in schools.
It’s set the benchmark for what I want to achieve in my career; empowering individuals to take responsibility for their education, to know what they’ll be doing before entering the classroom, to discover the fullest possibility of what their lives can be. Co-regulation: it starts with me."
What Exactly is Human Hive Education?
Human Hive Education is an exciting and adaptive approach to teaching and learning; it's human-centredcollaborative and self-directed, putting psychosocial wellbeing at the heart of every educational experience.
The Human Hive Education programme trains you to make learning environments; 
safe, self- and co-regulating, welcoming and inclusive, learner led, and designed to be used successfully wherever learning is taking place around the globe.  
"I found the programme so worthwhile.
I love the way The Human Hive works; unimposing, welcoming and enlightening.
The Training Programme
The training is a balance between theoretical and experiential learning, culminating in an event with The Hive team, where you will be sharing new activities with our students designed by you during the course of the week
Shared Learning Experiences
Today we hand over to you to share your newly created activities with Hive learners. We’ll conclude the training by discussing your learnings and preparing you for your next steps back in your own context. 
Building Safety
Introducing the Human Hive co-evolution framework and focusing on the foundation of our methodology - how to show up as a safe space for others.
Building Belonging
Now you know how to show up, we’ll focus on how to respond to the needs of other people, looking at effective communication, group dynamics and self reflection.
Building Purpose
Today we’ll take a closer look at the Human Hive Education methodology and start designing shared learning activities based on skills you already have, in preparation for our Day 5 event.
A Day with The Hive
We’ll spend an entire day with The Hive, giving you an opportunity to experience the Human Hive Education Methodology, first hand. You’ll get to talk to students and staff, assist in sessions and most importantly, feel what it’s like to be in a Hive learning environment.
Your Trainers

Kate McAllister has over 20 years' teaching experience and has spent much of that time training and developing teachers and educators all over the world.

Kate is the Director and founder of The Hive Cabrera and co-founder of The Human Hive. She is a passionate educator, published author, fellow of the Chartered College of Teachers and The RSA.

Her specialism is relationship-building and innovative curriculum design.

Co-founder of The Human Hive 
Principal of The Hive, Cabrera

Darren Abrahams is a singer, coach, trauma therapist and trainer working internationally as a facilitator and project leader in the fields of personal, cultural and community development.


As well as co-founding The Human Hive Darren is on the steering team and head of pastoral care for The Complete Freedom of Truth, an international youth-led project developing global youth citizenship through culture and the arts and is a trainer and Wellbeing Adviser for Musicians Without Borders where he trains musicians to use music for peace building.


Darren is an expert at making people feel safe while bringing communities together to heal.

Co-founder of The Human Hive 
"It's been great to be part of the Human Hive. I've been able to see this teaching module unfold and it is brilliant. I'm familiar with the inquiry-based learning style, however, The Human Hive has been such a learning experience for myself as an educator and for the students attending the school.
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About The Human Hive

The Human Hive is a Social Enterprise working with individuals and organisations to make a more welcoming, inclusive and sustainable world.


We train, support and resource change-makers working to be the difference

WITH not FOR others.

We believe that real change happens when you supercharge the power of people to help themselves, giving them:

- Tools to rebuild psychological and emotional SAFETY
- Connections to others to feel a sense of BELONGING
- Access to meaningful opportunities to gain PURPOSE
We are experts at forging links across communities, and building skills, knowledge and positive relationships through shared learning experiences. 


We're experts at forging links across communities, and building skills, knowledge and positive relationships through shared learning experiences. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How long do I need to be in town?
Seven days. The training runs Friday & Saturday. Rest day Sunday, then Monday - Thursday. Unless you decide to arrive early or stay on after the training so you can all join The Hive Adventure.  There is also the option to volunteer your new skills with The Hive if you would like to.
Where can I stay?
There are several options available depending on whether you are coming with your family and your children and participating in a Hive Adventure or whether you are coming by yourself. There are hotels, co-living options, or individual apartments and villas that you can rent. We are happy to chat through options with you.
Are meals provided?
Yes, we'll have breakfast, lunch and snacks waiting for you. In the evening you're free to explore and discover the many local restaurants in the area. 
Do I need transport?
Transport will be provided from the local area. If you are staying further out, then you'll probably need to hire a car.
If you would like to explore the island, there is local and intercity public transport (bus and coach) and there are a number of limited car hire options. 
Will there be free time to relax and explore?
Plenty! As well Sunday, you'll finish each training day around 3.30pm so you can get out and about, or just head to the beach.   
Can I bring my child or children with me to try out A Hive Adventure?
Of course. We'd love that! Your children are welcome to attend The Hive at a cost of $400 per child per week. Or you can stay for the whole 6 week session ($1900) and put your skills into practice by volunteering if you are really keen to get started right away! We will organise activities for them to do on the Friday & Saturday too. 
Is there a cancellation policy?
We have a 100% refund cancellation policy for the training programme up to six weeks before the Programme starts, minus a $200 administration fee to cover the cost of your place. If you cancel less than a week in advance we will credit your payment towards a training at a later date.
We cannot refund or cover the costs of accommodation and flights and suggest you take out appropriate travel insurance for this.
If for any reason we have to cancel the training due to issues beyond our control, we will plan to reschedule later in the year and offer a full refund (minus $50 to cover transaction charges) or if you prefer, hold your payment to cover a place on the rescheduled dates.
Book your earlybird place today!
Until the 30th September, 2023, Training will be $997 per person (down from $1297). 
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Education for living a wholehearted, purposeful life.
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