Speak In Safety

Are you a front-line organisation such as law enforcement, health, education, social work or immigration, regularly interacting with people going through a crisis?


Take our three-part Speak in Safety training and discover our human-centred approach to interviewing.

Are you frustrated by the poor quality of your interactions?


Do you find that they rarely lead to satisfying outcomes for either you or them?


Do you wonder why you get so much antagonism when you’re only trying to help?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can tell you, you’re not alone. As the mental health of the nation continues to be compromised by the stresses of modern life (COVID, cost of living, political uncertainty) services like yours are on the front line of managing the needs of people going through a real crisis.


Whether as victims or perpetrators, the people coming through your doors are often going through the most extreme experiences of their lives - rape, abuse, displacement, violence, exclusion, illness. Your ability to help is totally dependent on the success or failure of a human interaction - an interview, conversation or meeting - arranged to help you learn more about that person so you can take appropriate action on their or someone else’s behalf. Increasingly, you can’t afford to get that interaction wrong.

Why do things go wrong?
When humans get overwhelmed, we switch operating systems, literally shifting from one part of the nervous system - a Neurobiology of Safety - to another - a Neurobiology of Threat. This has profound effects on the brain and body, changing behaviour and the way we experience the world and each other
If something triggers that change, we can go from feeling calm to feeling angry, anxious, frozen, helpless or out of control in a matter of seconds. 
When this gets stuck we call it trauma. Trauma switches on the Neurobiology of Threat and keeps it on, so the world never feels safe. 
Traumatised humans are far more sensitive to their environment than others, especially to the other humans they encounter. Which is why your ability to help people feel safe is fundamental to successful outcomes to your meetings. 
What we are offering
Speak in Safety is a ground-breaking interactive training that turns you into a radiator of safety.
Designed by trauma therapist and Human Hive co-founder Darren Abrahams, in three short sessions we'll show you how to tweak what you already do so it brings much better results.
For example: 
We'll show you why where you sit in the room can make the difference between cooperation and obstruction. 
Why a cup of tea and a biscuit switches on the social engagement functions of the nervous system. 
How keeping your hands busy opens up the memory centres of the brain. 
How time spent on genuine relationship building saves time later when things may be more stressed. 
And lots more. 
How much does it cost?
Speak In Safety 3 Part Training
£3150 for up to 15 people.
£200 for every additional person (up to 25 people). 
Our recommended 3 hour online follow-up session
Add our recommended 3 hour online follow-up session now at a 50% reduction (£500). 
Or book later for £1000. 
Benefits of the programme
Learn a simple framework to understand the Neurobiology of Threat. 
Work with an experienced trainer who has applied this knowledge in crisis environments globally. 
Understand how small changes can make all the difference to successful outcomes. 
Gain skills and knowledge that you can put to use in your own context straight away. 
Connect into a global network of like-minded organisations and practitioners. 
"Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives".
- Bessel van der Kolk author of 
The Body Keeps the Score. 
What exactly is Speak in Safety? 
Speak in Safety is a three part human-centred training that changes the dynamic of challenging interactions from threatening to welcoming. 
Part One: What is Trauma?

Understand how trauma affects the nervous system and why the human brain is so profoundly affected by feelings of un-safety.


You will get a comprehensive understanding of what causes trauma and why your current interview process may be re-traumatising for people who interact with it.

Part Two: How Does Trauma Feel?

Take a deeper dive into the perceptual and behavioural shifts that occur through trauma and learn how the human experience fragments when overwhelmed.


We’ll go on a journey through the body and discover how major bodily functions are profoundly changed when humans feel unsafe.


You’ll experience how that feels for yourself and learn why this has profound implications on communication, memory and cognition.

Part Three: How To Create Safe Spaces

Learn how to transform your interview experience from threat to safety with a few small changes. You will discover how to plan your interview so it feels unthreatening from start to finish and how to arrange your interview space to gain maximum benefit from your interactions.


Techniques learned in this training can be applied to in person and online interviews, depending on your context.

Follow-Up Section

To really embed learning and support your team we recommend an added half day online follow up session 3 months after the training. This will give your team time to implement changes and to ask questions that may arise from practical application. It’s a great way to ensure learning has stuck and to support your team to be successful.Book at the same time as the full training for a 50% discount on this session.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the training?
Training can take place in person over the course of three half days, or live online in 3 three hour sessions. 
As this is a training about live human interactions there are real benefits to taking the training in person. 
How much does it cost? 
£3,150 for up to 15 people. £200 for every extra person up to 25 people. 
Plus travel and accommodation for trainer if required. 
How many people can attend?
Ideally between 10 and 25 people in a group. Alternatively if you have a large team or wish to train your whole organisation, talk to us about how we can accommodate your needs.
Where is the training?
We are happy to come to you. Just cover our travel and accommodation costs and we'll be there. 
What size space do we need?
A decent size training room with space for people to move about. Ideally without large pieces of immovable furniture that we can't shift ourselves. 
What kind of equipment do we need?
Just a projector and a screen. We'll bring everything else. 
We find that a follow up session after 3 months really helps to embed learning and gives an opportunity to ask specific questions that may arise from practical application. Add this further session at the time of the original booking for another £500. Or book later for £1000.
What happens next?
Your Trainer

Darren Abrahams is a body focused trauma therapist, High Performance Coach and trainer working internationally as a facilitator and project leader in the fields of personal, cultural, and community development. 


Darren is Co-founder of The Human Hive, where he has been training volunteers and professionals interacting with people going through the refugee experience since 2016. He has worked in many different contexts with people experiencing trauma - in schools, refugee camps, public services, and international development - and is the pioneer of a comprehensive wellbeing programme for front line organisations. 


Darren is on the steering team and head of pastoral care for The Complete Freedom of Truth, an international youth-led project developing global youth citizenship through culture and the arts, and is a trainer and Wellbeing Adviser for Musicians Without Borders where he trains musicians to use music for peace building. 

Darren has a private practice as a therapist and is an expert at making people feel safe while bringing communities together to heal.

Co-founder of The Human Hive 
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We're experts at forging links across communities, and building skills, knowledge and positive relationships through shared learning experiences. 
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