Building Safety, Belonging and Purpose

Are you a front-line ChangeMaker working in law enforcement, health, education, social work, youth work, immigration or humanitarian aid, regularly interacting with people going through crisis?

Or are you a grassroots ChangeMaker leading a team of volunteers to regenerate People, Places or Planet?


Or are you a team leader working in a busy corporate or startup environment, holding your team together as you navigate the stresses of a modern business?


Become a certified Human Hive Wellbeing Champion and learn how to create and maintain a Culture Of Wellbeing even when the pressue is intense and the stakes are high! 
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We are living in challenging times. 
Many people are struggling to get by and their mental health is suffering as a consequence. Caring organisations and initiatives such as yours are right on the front line, making vital contributions to creating a better world with and for excluded and vulnerable people.
But this can come at a cost. Being at the receiving end of other people's trauma can have a profound effect on anyone over the long term. Staff burnout is a reality and work which should be meaningful and fulfilling can become difficult and overly stressful, leading to illness, absenteeism, resignations and even secondary trauma.
At the same time, service users can be equally frustrated by a lack of understanding of their needs. Trauma can bring out challenging behaviour which can be triggered by the wrong kinds of interactions no matter how well meaning.
We believe that the secret to successful interventions is how well you take care of the delivery team.

Are you worried about yourself or your teammates burning out from the intense pressure?

Do you feel that the quality of your team's work is suffering and that they are losing joy and motivation for what they do?

Are you concerned about the impact this may have on the people
you support?


Our comprehensive training for Wellbeing Champions equips you with the skills you need to reduce anxiety, boost resilience, and model self-care with your team. If you're someone who's a good listener, cares about helping others, and wants to make a difference, apply now to join our training programme in 2024.

Our Approach to Wellbeing
We ground our approach to Wellbeing in an understanding of the nervous system, working from the inside out and back again. We focus on three levels:
​Me - the needs of the individual
We - the needs of the group
Us - the needs of the wider community
When humans get overwhelmed, we switch operating systems, literally shifting from one part of the nervous system - a Neurobiology of Safety - to another - a Neurobiology of Threat. This has profound effects on the brain and body, changing behaviour and the way we experience the world and each other. When these behaviours repeat and get stuck we call it dysregulation - over the long term dysregulation eventually becomes trauma.
As humans we unconsciously pick up on the feelings of others. If we're surrounded by stressed out, dysregulated people, like a virus the feeling of threat becomes contagious, passing from person to person until deep down no one feels safe any more. We automatically mobilise our Neurobiology of Threat to defend ourselves from attack, shifting from feeling calm to feeling angry, anxious, frozen, helpless or out of control in a matter or moments. Long term exposure to dysregulation can have a very damaging effect and eventually lead to mental and physical health problems, burn out and collapse.
But there's good news. Just as we have a Neurobiology of Threat, we also have a Neurobiology of Safety.
As a Wellbeing Champion we will train you to notice when the Neurobiology of Safety is compromised and to bring it back online quickly and effectively, using simple and accessible tools and activities everyone will enjoy.

"Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives".

 - Bessel van der Kolk author of  
The Body Keeps the Score.

Become the teammate who makes sure no one gets left behind! Our Human Hive Wellbeing Champion training transforms you into a trusted resource for mental health education and support.
You will learn:
Fun stress-busting activities to improve team morale
How to spot signs of burnout and coach struggling team mates
How to run one on one and group Wellbeing sessions
Best practices for encouraging healthy work-life balance
Strategies to monitor workloads and prevent fatigue
Ways to advocate for mental health in high stress cultures
"The Human Hive's approaches have inspired transformative change in our Service, from the way we engage with young people and each other to how to manage our organisation. We are passionate about positive culture and inclusive practice; The Human Hive is an essential ally in helping us achieve our vision".
Simon Lock
Head of Service - North Somerset & South Gloucestershire Music Services; Strategic Advisor - Bath and North-East Somerset Music Service
Our Programme
The Human Hive Wellbeing Champion training is a groundbreaking interactive programme designed to turn you into a powerful force for Wellbeing wherever you work. Over 6 months we will introduce the theory and practice of Wellbeing, and give you the skills to co-create a Culture of Wellbeing with your team.
7 x 3 hour training sessions - delivered once a week for the first 7 weeks
5 x 90 minute online reflective practice sessions - delivered once a month after the training sessions finish
Frameworks, activities and group work
Assignments between sessions
Training manuals
A dedicated online space to build community with other participants within our Human Hive Mighty Network
1 x 3 hour concluding session to reflect and evaluate the programme
Certificate of completion
We'll be working with The Human Hive Wellbeing methodology designed to develop safe, trauma informed, inclusive practice. The methodology is based around our three guiding principles - Safety, Belonging and Purpose - and our
Co-Evolution framework, a 6 part guide to working with the nervous system to support yourself and others.
We believe that Wellbeing is the combination of a foundational sense of SAFETY, a sense of BELONGING to a community or team and a sense of PURPOSE in the things we do. If people are unhappy, it is generally because one or all of these fundamental feelings are missing.

Do people feel physically, emotionally and psychologically secure?

Do people feel included, respected and connected?

Do people feel they have choice, personal agency and that they are contributing to something they find meaningful?

Content of Training Sessions

What is a Wellbeing Champion?

Introducing the Human Hive Wellbeing methodology

Introducing the Co-Evolution framework

The importance of Identity informed practice

Group Agreements


Self-regulation and understanding the nervous system

Managing overwhelm and preventing burn out

Becoming a radiator of Safety


Co-regulation and group work

Effective communication

 Inclusive practice


Integrating stressful experiences

Designing a self regulation programme

Designing a co-regulation programme


What is Identity in the context of your work?

Cultural Mediation

Unconscious Bias

Oppression and Ally-ship


Role and Objectives

Creating safe spaces

Adapting to context

Wellbeing rituals


Running group sessions

Running one on one sessions

Boundaries and limitations

Monthly 90 minute online reflective practice sessions in small groups

Sessions to reflect on how the role is going - ask questions, share best practice and try out new skills in a safe environment.
At the end of the programme there will be an option to continue accessing ongoing reflective practice sessions and stay part of our growing community of ChangeMakers and Wellbeing Champions.
“It was the perfect mixture of scientific background and practical implementation… Although these were not the first trainings I attended, I again learned so much more about myself and interaction with people from all the sessions - I really didn't expect such a high-quality training!”
Wellbeing Champion,
Greece 2021
Why Become a Wellbeing Champion?
Wellbeing Champions are essential for embedding and maintaining a Culture of Wellbeing into any organisation. Maintaining a Culture of Wellbeing requires daily oversight so that Policies and Procedures become embedded Practices.
This is especially true in ChangeMaker environments, when the urgency of daily activities can override our own Wellbeing needs.
Wellbeing Champions are great advocates for the needs of
the team

Wellbeing Champions help to develop the Culture of the organisation or team and create a sense of community
Wellbeing Champions ensure that all Wellbeing practices are co-created and meet the unique needs of the team itself
Wellbeing Champions will be able to spot any mental health issues before they become urgent, preventing the possibility of burn out before it happens
Wellbeing Champions are a first port of call if anyone in the team needs support

Wellbeing Champions build resilience, help with staff retention and ensure that stressful work needn't be unhappy work
Wellbeing skills are fully transferable to any environment where there are groups of people working together. This training can be adapted to any context because it focuses on the needs of the people, not the structures they inhabit.
Once you are trained you will become part of a global network of practitioners using the same methodology all over the world. You'll be the first to hear of any new openings in the network which could open up new opportunities in new projects or organisations.
Wellbeing Champions are true Human Hive ChangeMakers - people actively striving to be the difference With, not For others.
We're excited to welcome you into our community!
Read about our 2021 Pilot Humanitarian Wellbeing Programme 

To address the pressing need of psychosocial and Wellbeing support within grassroots organisations supporting displaced people across Europe, in 2021 The Human Hive collaborated with Indigo Volunteers and Amna (funded by Choose Love) to design and deliver a six-month pilot programme to support 12 grassroots humanitarian organisations and their teams to embed well-being into their policies and team practices.

Read the report here

Your Trainer
Darren Abrahams is a body focused trauma therapist, High Performance Coach and trainer working internationally as a facilitator and project leader in the fields of personal, cultural, and
community development.
Darren is Co-founder of The Human Hive, where he has been training volunteers and professionals interacting with people going through the refugee experience since 2016. He has worked in many different contexts with people experiencing trauma - in schools, refugee camps, public services, and international development - and is the pioneer of a comprehensive wellbeing programme for
front line organisations.
Darren is on the steering team and head of pastoral care for The Complete Freedom of Truth, an international youth-led project developing global youth citizenship through culture and the arts, and is a trainer and Wellbeing Adviser for Musicians Without Borders where he trains musicians to use music for peace building. Darren is co-founder of the One World Orchestra, an inter-cultural ensemble of musicians based in the UK, exploring the idea of Home through music. He co-presents the Conscious Creative Leadership podcast with Nadine Benjamin MBE, discussing leadership in 21st Century.
Darren has a private practice as a therapist and is an expert at making people feel safe while bringing communities together to heal.
Co-founder of
The Human Hive CIC
"The Human Hive's training and the new ideas and lens with which to view teaching, learning, well-being, and self-care are really practical and inspirational".

Joan Green, Teacher

Learn a simple framework to understand the Neurobiology
of Threat.


Work with an experienced trainer who has applied this knowledge in crisis environments globally.

Understand how small changes can make all the difference to successful outcomes.

Gain skills and knowledge that you can put to use in your own context straight away.

Connect into a global network of like-minded organisations and practitioners.

Be the first to hear about opportunities within
the network

We're experts at forging links across communities, and building skills, knowledge and positive relationships through shared learning experiences. 
About The Human Hive
The Human Hive is a global movement of people and organisations working With NOT For each other to train and empower 8 million ChangeMakers by 2030, all working to regenerate
People, Places, and Planet.
We believe that real change happens when you supercharge the power of people to help themselves, giving them:
- Tools to rebuild psychological and emotional SAFETY
- Connections to others to feel a sense of BELONGING
- Access to meaningful opportunities to gain PURPOSE
We are experts at forging links across communities that have been divided, and building skills, knowledge and positive relationships through shared learning experiences. Our members grow by supporting others to grow alongside them.
We'll help you to discover your unique contribution, provide you with the know-how and resources for success and connect you with amazing, like minded humans from around
the world.
Join us and #JoinTheEvolution


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